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Know-how since 1987

FAT – Future Architecture Thinking is a Lisbon-based architects’ studio, founded by Miguel Correia, which develops projects worldwide. FAT is the result of the know-how of more than 30 years’ experience shared by architect Miguel Correia and his various employees, some of whom have more than two decades’ experience and are highly specialized in different areas of activity.

I see “architecture” as teamwork and the studio is a reflection of this conviction – a diverse team where everybody can contribute with their efforts, their work and their talent towards the final result. The “architecture” that we produce is therefore rich in its diversity. It is a very strong architecture due to the simplicity of everyone, who views each project as singular, thereby avoiding the temptation of “recipe architecture”.

We are committed to making our customers’ dreams a reality through projects, always with a didactic, creative and pragmatic approach. The vast experience of our multidisciplinary team means that we can monitor every project, from concept to construction, meeting every challenge in an innovative way, using a methodology that always seeks solutions of excellence in design and technology and reconciling deadlines and costs.

We seek ongoing growth, both as a business and as professionals, by emphasizing the human factor at all times in our work – a process that increasingly enables us to understand the needs of our customers and to fulfil and exceed their expectations. We want to continue to enjoy the privilege of designing and building in Portugal, but we also aim to win more international projects, in addition to the 40 countries where we have worked in the last 3 decades.

Customer orientation: Responding to customers’ needs with architectural and urban planning projects, whenever possible integrating the three main dimensions of sustainability: Society, Economy and Ecology


Ethics and professionalism: Acting ethically and professionally, establishing strong relationships of trust with all stakeholders of the company.


Business culture: Encouraging and valuing creative freedom, we generate cultural and entrepreneurial value in our customers’ projects, as a result of well-structured teamwork between architect Miguel Correia and his employees.


Professional qualification: We believe that constant learning and multi-disciplinarity add value to the projects we develop for our clients. That’s why we work with a specialized team that is at the cutting edge of the most varied areas – Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscaping, Multimedia and Design.