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Alter do Chão School

Place to learn and play.
Alter do Chão School

With two intersecting blocks, the Alter do Chão School was deployed with full respect for the pre-existing olive trees, simultaneously blending the building with the topography of the territory. The building hosts a primary school and a nursery. As such, it is notable for its vibrant colours, extensive roofs that create pleasant outdoor spaces and amusing plays of light and shadow that reveal themselves in the interior.

Construction year: 2014

Site: Alter do Chão, Portugal

Intervention area: 4 240 m²


Client: Alter do Chão Municipality

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Architecture: Sérgio Catita, Sara Soromenho, Margarida Magro, Patrícia de Carvalho, João Branco, Miguel Reis, Telmo Maia, Hilário Abril, José Pico

landscape design: Sara Távora

Engineering: Central Projectos

Builder: Centrejo

Photography: Sérgio Catita, Ana Guerreiro