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Calçada do Sacramento, 11-15

Apartments with history.
Calçada do Sacramento, 11-15

In order to recover an old Pombaline building belonging to the Church of the Sacrament, in Lisbon, this upgrade resurrects seven large, bright, sober apartments that maintain their historical characteristics, but which are adapted to contemporary housing needs. This refurbishment reuses the central patio and an aristocratic hall with frescoes mirrored by the walls and ceilings.

Construction year: 2014

Site: Lisbon, Portugal

Intervention area: 1 476 m²


Client: Topáziotemático

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Architecture: Cláudia Campos, Miguel Cabral, Pedro Pimenta, Virgínia Gomes, Sérgio Catita, João Branco, Hilário Abril, Margarida Magro

Landscape design: Sara Távora

Engineering: Paulo Neves Engenharia

Builder: Testutil

Photography: Sérgio Catita