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Clínica de Santos

Modern space dedicated to health.
Clínica de Santos

The Clínica de Santos, located in Largo do Conde Barão, in Lisbon, occupies the ground floor of a historic building that had potential in several areas. These include the high ceiling and organization on a corner, which means the natural light in the consulting rooms can be fully utilized. Accommodating several medical specialties, with a special focus on dental care, the main challenge was to reconcile infrastructures and the mandatory technical requirements with a refined architectural language.

Construction year: 2017

Site: Lisboa, Portugal

Intervention area: 190 m²


Client: Maria Martins – Actividades Médicas

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Architecture: Patrícia de Carvalho, Sara Gonçalves, João Coelho

Branding: Nicole Côrte-Real

Engineering: END – Engenharia Dinâmica

Builder: Fernando Tomé Rodrigues – Construção Civil

Photography: Zé Maria Rebelo de Andrade