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Covilhã Welcome Centre

Welcome to Covilhã.
Covilhã Welcome Centre

Inspired by the morphology of the territory, the Welcome Centre in Covilhã is a calling card for those who arrive in the city looking to see the region as a tourist destination. In a successive set of asymmetrical lines and planes, the building spreads out on a single floor, partially buried, in accordance with the slope of the ground. Its interactive organization extends to a covered outdoor area that can host exhibitions or other tourism promotion activities.

Construction year: 2015

Site: Covilhã, Portugal

Intervention area: 165 m²


Client: Covilhã Municipal Council

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Architecture: Vítor Santos, Vasco Grosso Silva, Sérgio Catita, Patrícia de Carvalho, João Salgueiro, Sara Gonçalves, Gabriel Santos, Hilário Abril

Landscape design: Sara Távora

Engineering: Central Projectos

Photography: Patrícia de Carvalho