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Guinea-Conakry Airport

Inspired in a giant manta ray.
Guinea-Conakry Airport

The International Airport in Maferinya, about 60 km from Conakry, seeks to make good the shortfall in the provision of the current Conakry-Gbessia airport in response to growing air traffic. Thus, the recommendation is for an area of approximately 7 000 ha which, in addition to the airport, also provides areas for public facilities, industry, residential areas and green spaces, where sustainability, technology and functionality are combined.

Project year: 2014

Site: Maferinya, Guinea-Conackry

Intervention area: 7 000 ha


Client: Guinea-Conakry Government

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Urban design: Susana Mello

Arrchitecture: Sara Gonçalves, Patrícia de Carvalho, Miguel Reis, Francisca Romãozinho, Virgínia Gomes

Landscape design: Sara Távora

3D images: Hilário Abril