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Historic Centre of Salvador da Bahia

Urban regeneration of public space.
Historic Centre of Salvador da Bahia

In the southern area of Bairro do Comércio, one of the most emblematic areas of the old centre of Salvador da Bahia, it is proposed to undertake a necessary refurbishment of the building, to revitalize the accommodation and create new uses in this part of the city. In the public space, a network of pedestrian and cycle routes connects the main centres, thus creating spaces for contemplation and leisure and strengthening the relationship between the city’s tourist attractions and the Baía de Todos os Santos.

Project year: 2012

Site: Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Intervention area: 74 ha


Client: Salvador da Bahia Government

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Urban design: Susana Mello

Architecture: Sara Gonçalves, Miguel Reis, Sérgio Catita, Margarida Magro, Sara Soromenho, Miguel Cabral, Patrícia Gonçalves, Telmo Maia, Vítor Santos, Vasco Silva, Sofia Jerónimo, Diogo Mello, Francisca Romãozinho, Virgínia Gomes

Landscape design: Sara Távora

3D images: Hilário Abril, José Pico