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Lisbon PDM

Thinking about the future of the city.
Lisbon PDM

The municipal master plan (PDM) is the document that defines the planning and urban expansion rules of each city. In Lisbon, it urgently needed revising with the necessary adjustments to modern circumstances. Our proposal seeks to revitalize the traditional notion of a neighbourhood as an urban space, developed throughout history for balanced growth of cities, promoting the recovery of the various existing residential areas, while equipping them with social amenities and new services.

Project year: 2002

Site: Lisbon, Portugal

Intervention area: 48 km²


Client: Lisbon Municipal Council

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Urban design: Miguel Correia

Architecture: Francisca Romãozinho, Vítor Santos

Consulting: P.L.M.J., A. M. Pereira, Sáragga Leal, Oliveira Martins, Júdice e Associados, Sofia Galvão