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New Capital of Equatorial Guinea

A city built from scratch.
New Capital of Equatorial Guinea

The territorial planning of the city of Djibloho – the planned new capital of Equatorial Guinea – is the result of the interrelationship of the river, an organic element, with the orthogonality of the road infrastructures which, in turn, combine with dense vegetation and with the sustainable use of existing water lines. This urban network can accommodate 260,000 inhabitants and the various uses that can be expected on this type of scale, in a project that emphasizes appreciation of local identity.

Project year: 2010

Site: Oyala, Equatorial Guinea

Intervention area: 8 150 ha


Client: Equatorial Guinea Government

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Urban design: Susana Mello, Mafalda Matos, Mariana Fernandes

Architecture: Pedro Gonçalves, Teresa Lencastre, Susana Guerreiro, Vítor Santos, Vasco Silva, Diogo Mello, Cláudia Campos, Miguel Cabral

Landscape design: Sara Távora, Ana Prata

3D images: Arqui 300

Partner: Andrade Gutierrez