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Rua do Passadiço, 26-30

Rehabilitation of a palace.
Rua do Passadiço, 26-30

Taking advantage of a forgotten ruin of the nobility in the heart of Lisbon, a residential building has been rebuilt, offering two unique aspects: a wonderful view of the city and a private garden of about 1200 m². While it is functional and contemporary, this upgrade preserves the original layout and re-uses the old cloister as a transition area between a building and a patio, with recreational areas on decking combined with lawned spaces.

Construction year: 2014

Site: Lisboa, Portugal

Intervention area: 4 974 m²


Client: ESAF

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Architecture: Sérgio Catita, Pedro Gonçalves, Francisca Romãozinho, Virgínia Gomes, Sara Gonçalves, Patrícia de Carvalho, Telmo Maia, João Branco, Gabriel Santos, Margarida Magro, Miguel Reis, Pedro João, Mário Lampreia, Pedro Saavedra, Sofia Jerónimo, Vítor Santos, Hilário Abril, José Pico

Landscape design: Sara Távora

Engineering: Englis

Builder: C Civil

Photography: Sérgio Catita