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Santa Helena Eco Reserve

Ecological and sustainable development.
Santa Helena Eco Reserve

Influenced by the natural surroundings, more than one thousand metres above sea level, the Ecological Reserve of Santa Helena, in Brasilia, has been adapted to a rugged terrain, whose main views are Sobradinho and Planaltina. The proximity to Lake Paranoá encouraged the use of all available natural resources, with ecological considerations being taken into account throughout the operation of the enterprise.

Project year: 2011

Site: Brasilia, Brazil

Intervention area: 173 ha


Client: Dr. Gentil Martins Dias Júnior

General project manager: Miguel Correia

Urban design: Susana Mello

Architecture: Sérgio Catita, Patrícia de Carvalho, João Branco, Margarida Magro, Miguel Cabral, Sara Soromenho, Miguel Reis, Sara Gonçalves

Landscape design: Sara Távora

3D images: Hilário Abril, José Pico